Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 Was Great! :)

I had a great Christmas this year. The food was great, everyone was happy and I got some very nice presents. (Pictures Coming Soon.) What did I get?

*From my Parents unless otherwise noted:
-- Mint green pant suit with red detailing
-- Blue suede coat
-- Black and white boots with plaid detailing
-- Desperate Housewives season 6
-- Webkinz Cream Soda Pup (It looks like our dog, Coco)
-- 7" digital photo frame
-- Barbie Dream Bedroom set (From Mike, Terrie & Merissa)
-- Liv "Its My Nature" Maple Lodge playset. (From Shawnie)
-- $30 from Grandma & Grandpa Coleman (I bought Webkinz: Floppy Pig, Pom Pom Kitty, and two Mazin' Hamsters -- Waffles and Cookie.)
-- $100 from Grandma Perry (I bought Lego Harry Potter. Will likely use the rest to buy 'Peace and Plenty' by Sarah Ban Breathnach or the 'Awake Live' CD/DVD set I want of Josh Groban)
-- "Up!", "Despicable Me", and Farscape seasons 3 & 4 from my aunt Brenda.

I still have gifts coming from my best friend, RJ, and my boyfriend, Jay.

I also have some pretty awesome things to look forward to in 2011:

-- Jay is coming to visit soon. ^.^ I cannot wait to see him.

-- DC Universe Online has a release date! It is coming out January 11th. (Hm... 1 / 11 / 11 ... Should I be afraid my PC will explode?)

Anyway, this will give me a spot to update all my Christmas stuff as we touch back down to earth. Wanted to make sure that I wrote something. :)

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