Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mao's New Bedroom!! ^.^ Ideas Welcome! ^.^

After years of not changing a darn thing, it is finally time to update my bedroom. I know, I know... I say I am going to do it every year and every year it never happens. This year, though? Its getting done. Right now Mom & Dad are updating their bedroom. After that, either Shawn or I will be next. I have a few weeks to decide what I want to do and right now I am trying to gather ideas. Here is the best one that I have found so far:

I'm calling this one " Tahiti "...

What do I like about this one?

-- The colors are bold, creative and distinct. My room would look totally different then any other room in the house. It would also be bright and high energy, which is good since my room is used just as much for gaming, writing, etc. as it is for sleeping.

-- It would work with things I already have. My deep brown dresser and nightstand would go good with the green, while my white bookshelves will pop against the deep pink. My wood floors and door would give it a more clean, earthy feel that will allow the funky colors to still have a way to logically connect with the rest of the house. And since we were already discussing white window-trim and floor border (another connective feature that we are aiming for in each bedroom) the fact that it would be emphasized against the bright wall colors would work with it, rather then against it.

-- The colors are not hinting at anything. They simply are. And yet they are bright, vibrant and powerful, rather then dark and heavy, which means they should not dwarf my room the way something like, say, forest green would. If I am getting rid of my border, I am not going to want to stay with 'hint-of-peach', 'hint-of-creame' etc., especially if we are going to be working in white trims and borders and I have white bookshelves. They would get lost amid the lack of color.

My concerns:

-- How would sleeping in this room be? I suppose that one cannot see when one's eyes are shut, and I tend to sleep with my head half under the blankets anyway being a night owl half the time, but it does need to be considered.

-- Choosing Bedding: Hard, Medium, Easy? I think that with colors this rich it actually leaves quite a few options in going with patterns, solids, etc. as long as I don't bring in, say, something deep red for example. Still, it is a consideration that I need to keep in mind.

-- Its a huge change. And I think that is the point. There is no real logic in doing this if it looks the same when it is done. Yet change can be a very scary thing, and redoing a room is something that is (to some extent, at least) permanent. Making the right decision is vital.

Other thoughts:

-- It does not have to be these specific colors or this specific color placement. It does need to be exciting, though.

-- The wall behind my bed is a huge blank canvas that is only going to be bigger. We need to find something to make that space come to life or it is simply going to loom. (The border is saving its butt right now.)

-- The sooner that colors are selected, the sooner various items can be purchased. New bedding? New laundry hamper? New (Full Sized) garbage can? New curtains / blinds? New alarm clock? New covers for my dresser, nightstand and the tops of my bookshelves? Posters, pictures, a calandar, etc? Nothing can be done until the main framework of the room -- namely, determining what we will do to the walls -- is completely decided.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What do you think about Brink?

Give me twenty minutes and I'll make you a believer.

Been a while since "Precious Things" received an update, but I finally have a couple new things I want to talk about. Today's topic is the upcoming FPS "Brink" which is being developed by Splash Damage and published by Bethesda (the nice folks who make The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.) Please feel free to read on and see why I feel that this is going to be a must-buy title that should not be missed.

The Story: Who's Side Are You On, Anyway?

The Ark. It was originally bult to house 5,000 -- now it contains 50,000. With the ice cap near Greenland melted many areas have been flooded and people are desperately searching for a new place to live. Food, space, housing ... resources are at a high premium and its only a matter if time until all hell breaks lose. Well, this is the day and it is time for you to pick a side: Security or Resistance. At any rate, why don't I just let the developers tell you themselves? Got to be better then listening to my babbling! :p

Classes: Know Your Role

One of the interesting things about Brink, that initially got me excited, is that the game has various classes that you can play at. Are you a great shot? Then a soldier might be for you? Would you rather support your team mates rather then take the enemy head on? Then how about trying a medic? In total Brink has four classes: Soldier, Medic, Operative and Engineer. Here are a couple videos that will flesh out classes and what makes them so special.

Lots of Character Customization:

There is lots of opportunity to make your character unique. Each side gets distinctive clothing that can be mixed and matched, have its color(s) changed, etc. Want to learn more? Watch this:

Brink Cinematic Trailer: It just looks awesome!

Brink, how I love thee. Let me count the ways: four classes, skill trees, customizable clothes and overall appearance, items and weapons to purchase and customize, all bound by team based combat. In short: May 10th cannot come soon enough.

Only one thought remains: Who's with me and who should we support? One thing is for certain -- I can't win alone.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well not -yet- but it is coming. And I am getting two very awesome things that I know about: a PS3 and a trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop. I am pretty excited! In less then three weeks I am going to be 29 (Oh goody.) but the cool new "toys" are definitely the main attraction. Today's post is just a quick jotting down of the games I am thinking of getting, a few video reviews of them and my thoughts.

DC Universe Online

Yes, I did just buy this for the PC. Yes, I do hate buying things twice. But Jay is saying he would like to play with rN and Shawn and RJ also seem fine with this, so to the ps3 it seems we are going. This is what has started this whole "buy a PS3" thing. It replaced my original "Buy a lifetime sub to DCUO" plan very quickly -- sorry, SoE. While the fact that I am getting this game is pretty solid, when I plan to pick it up is a bit up in the air. I don't really want to get this until Jay does.

Mod Nation Racers

I have been waiting a very, very long time to play this. I bought my first PS3 with this in mind and then gave that to Mike & Terrie (winning me the award for nicest sister of all time, no doubt. :p ) It is going to pay off that I gave it to them and that I waited to get this game though. Why? Amazon has it for $40, plus RJ only just got it. If it is good I could get Terrie & Mikey their own copy to share with Merissa as well. This is one of the games I will likely be buying right away.

Little Big Planet 1 & 2

The original Little Big Planet was *the game* when I got my first PS3 but I gave that to Mikey & Terrie when I gave them the system. As I am not an asshole, I am not going to go "Give it back". Rather, I am debating whether to get the GOTY version of the first game or to say screw it and get the new one. I am sure I will get a version of LBP 1 or 2 within the near future -- its only which one that is questionable.

Valkyria Chronicles

This was on my wish list when I got my first PS3 but I never had the opportunity to grab it. Its going to need to be an Amazon purchase and will likely be timed for when I see either Amazon or a local seller from Ontario selling a new copy at a good price. This is going to be exciting and I cannot wait!

3D Dot Game Heroes

I am curious about this one but its not so much of a 'must own' as some of the above. The idea of playing a tribute to old school Zelda on a much larger screen is appealing, as is getting to make my own little block hero. We shall have to see. For $30 on it is a pretty good deal.

Ratchet & Clank

I have one of these games that I loaned Mikey & Terrie and there is one that released that I have not played yet. I was really enjoying the one I had and will likely get that back since I doubt any of them actually use it. Buying the new one is tempting because it is already on sale at Amazon despite getting a 9 from IGN.

Heavy Rain

I've been told this is quite the experience. I am admittedly hesitant to get this since to me it really does seem like a giant rte with great writing. I adore good writing. Real time events, though? Not so much. Depending on how fast you need to hit them it might be okay, but it is still a game that I need to keep an eye on.

Demon's Souls

Yes, it appears I am secretly a masochist. I want to play Demon's Souls. And I will likely suck at it a lot. I doubt that this will be the first game I instinctively grab, but I need to be honest at least here on my blog. I want to see how I would do at this. Although, maybe Jay or Shawn should get it and I could try their copy. Even at $40 its a bit pricey for a frisbee. ^.^

Eye Pet

I love cute things. Anyone who knows me knows this. So its no surprise that I am in danger of being suckered in by Sony's too-cute pet game that utilizes their new move technology. I enjoy games on the Wii as long as they do not get too crazy so getting a move might not be a total waste. This is not something that I would likely buy right away, but it is on my wanted list.

And there you have it. I am sure there are other great games I will enjoy but these are the ones that have my attention right now. Any thoughts? What should I buy?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 Was Great! :)

I had a great Christmas this year. The food was great, everyone was happy and I got some very nice presents. (Pictures Coming Soon.) What did I get?

*From my Parents unless otherwise noted:
-- Mint green pant suit with red detailing
-- Blue suede coat
-- Black and white boots with plaid detailing
-- Desperate Housewives season 6
-- Webkinz Cream Soda Pup (It looks like our dog, Coco)
-- 7" digital photo frame
-- Barbie Dream Bedroom set (From Mike, Terrie & Merissa)
-- Liv "Its My Nature" Maple Lodge playset. (From Shawnie)
-- $30 from Grandma & Grandpa Coleman (I bought Webkinz: Floppy Pig, Pom Pom Kitty, and two Mazin' Hamsters -- Waffles and Cookie.)
-- $100 from Grandma Perry (I bought Lego Harry Potter. Will likely use the rest to buy 'Peace and Plenty' by Sarah Ban Breathnach or the 'Awake Live' CD/DVD set I want of Josh Groban)
-- "Up!", "Despicable Me", and Farscape seasons 3 & 4 from my aunt Brenda.

I still have gifts coming from my best friend, RJ, and my boyfriend, Jay.

I also have some pretty awesome things to look forward to in 2011:

-- Jay is coming to visit soon. ^.^ I cannot wait to see him.

-- DC Universe Online has a release date! It is coming out January 11th. (Hm... 1 / 11 / 11 ... Should I be afraid my PC will explode?)

Anyway, this will give me a spot to update all my Christmas stuff as we touch back down to earth. Wanted to make sure that I wrote something. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kat's Christmas Wish List...

This has been a wonderful year that has opened up a fresh new array of interests, hopes and desires. As always, I do not expect to get everything that I put on my holiday list. But I am glad to like as many different things as I do so that those I love have lots to choose from.


I own a Wii and an Xbox 360 and I have selected a couple games for either of these.

Xbox 360:

Fallout: New Vegas -- The swquel to Bathesda's 2008 hit Fallout 3, New Vegas takes place in what was Los Vegas. This is an RPG that has choices to be made, places to explore, etc. Its also a bit of a shooter.

Lego Harry Potter -- This game covers books 1 - 4 from the Harry Potter series, allowing the player to experience major plot events in a video game format that mixes casting spells and exploring. Characters to unlock, secrets to discover, etc.

Wii: (Note: I need someone to hook this up for me!)

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn -- This takes place 3 years after the GameCube game Path of Radiance, one of my favorite RPGs ever. It begins in Daelin, the country conquered in the last game. This is turn based strategy with excellent story telling.

Kirby's Epic Yarn -- A fun platformer starring everyone's favorite pink puffball. As you guide Kirby through over 50 levels in a world made completely of stuff you'd find at a craft store you will take advantage of the various effects this type of environment would have.


Desperate Housewives Season 6 -- I've been following this show for a very long time and this is no time to stop watching! Did Mike end up with Susan or Katherine? Will Bree divorce Orsen? What is happening to Lynette, Tom, Carlos and Gabby? Only one way to find out...


"Dark Peril" by Christine Feehan -- Solange has suffered greatly at the hands of male Jaguar people. When she meets the last of the Dragonseeker clan, who has injested vampire toxins to find the Carpathians greatest enemies, what will the pair do when they discover they are lifemates?

"No Mercy" by Sherrilyn Kenyon -- Following the tragic deaths of Mama and Papa Peltier, who owned the Sanctuary bar, Dev Peltier has stepped up and started to fill his parents shoes. What will happen when he has feelings for Amazon Dark Huntress Samia?

Liv Dolls:

"Its My Nature" Daniella -- I think this doll is really pretty: she looks somewhat like Amy Farrow from my Mystic Guardians series. As a bonus, the doll is a musician who comes with her own litle guitar, song book, etc. Cute!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta -- Katryn Rosemir

Well, here I am!

Image taken at the Quicksand in Uldah.

So far I have been quite enjoying my adventures in Eorzea. My character is a conjurer, currently rank 4. She just learned cure 1 before I had to log off for maintenance. This far in my journey I have done two sets of guildleves, killed quite a few Star Marmotts and explored the area around Uldah and Camp Black Brush. I have a long way to go before I master control of this game, but the clothing is cute and varied, the music is great, the setting is pretty and so far I feel like I can go at my own pace, so I am not all that worried. I will write more about my experiences with Final Fantasy XIV as I uncover more details.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The time has finally come...

Here is the info sheet for my new pc.

Kathy's New Computer


Why are you building a new computer?: My current PC failed the FFXIV benchmark scoring a 565 out of the 1500 that is needed to play on the absolute lowest settings. After some consideration I decided that it would make no sense to buy a $200 - $400 graphics card and put it into a machine I intended to replace in the spring. Final Fantasy XIV seems to have some pretty tough settings to be able to play it at recommended settings so it should make a good foundation for a new built that will have some staying power for the next two to three years.

What is the computer for?

MMOs: Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, etc.
Other games: Sims 3, Spore, basic facebook stuff
Mild Video Editing: FRAPS, YouTube footage on hand held camcorder (Currently RCA Small Wonder)
Ventrilo, MSN and iTunes
Basic web surfing, graphics editing (MS Paint; this is not too demanding) and word documents

What is your budget?: ________________ before taxes and costs to be built.

When is the PC needed?: I would like to have it for the early launch of FFXIV, which starts the 22nd of September. If this is not possible, however, that's the way it goes.

Do you plan to overclock?: Not likely as I would not want to risk my PC.

Do you plan to use CrossfireX or SLI?: Not likely as I have heard it can be a hassle. It seems like less trouble to upgrade.

What is your monitor's current resolution?: I am using a 720p HDTV right now. I may get a new monitor / TV eventually. I have vision issues so I do not necessarily have my TV running at the highest resolution that it can.

Final Fantasy XIV Recommended Specs: (Taken from the official website)

Operating System -- Windows 7 32bit / 64bit 2
CPU -- Intel Core i7 (2.66 GHz) or higher
RAM -- 4GB or more
HDD/SDD Space -- Installation: 15GB or more
Download: Space on the hard drive where My Documents is located should be 6GB or more
Graphics Card -- NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 or better with VRAM 768MB or more
Sound Card -- DirectSound compatible sound card (DirectX 9.0c or higher)
Internet Connection -- Broadband internet connection or higher
Screen Resolution -- 1280 x 720 or higher; 32-bit
DirectX -- DirectX 9.0c
Others -- Mouse, Keyboard, and Gamepad

Questions, Concerns and Considerations:

1. CPU / Processor:

Is there an AMD build that can be done that would be comparable to what is listed above?
I've heard some people say yes, I've heard some people say no.
They listed AMD stuff on their minimum requirements but not their recommended and I am not certain if this is to do with them being partnered with nVidia for the game or whether the hyperthreading technology in the i7 is actually that important.
I cannot see the CPU being more vital then the GPU in a game but I could be wrong.

2. Motherboard:

How important are USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0gb/s overall?
My research indicates that USB3 is more valuable then SATA 6.0 since HDDs cannot fully utilize it and have been told that if you are that worried about speed then you should add an SSD.
My research also indicates that usb 3.0 is a large improvement for those who use USB devices

3. RAM:

Do I want 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM?
I realize that this will tie in directly to whether I am buying Windows 7 32 or 64 bit as 32 can only utilize up to 4gb.
I have been told to get 64 bit and that 32 bit is outdated. True, false, neutral, doesn't matter?
I have been told that I will want 1333 RAM since I do not plan to overclock.
I have also been told that getting a lower latancy RAM, for example CL7, is better. True, false, neutral?

4. Graphics Card:

I have been told that since my vision is not so great that I shouldn't waste money on anything above a GTX 460.
I do not want to be replacing a whole PC over a graphics card again for a while.
Am I better off getting a 5850 / GTX 470 / 5870 to increase the overall lifespan of the PC or will this not help?
I am likely going to get something better then the GTX 460 incase I do get a better monitor then what I have (resolution wise) anyway unless someone can give me a valid reason not to.
I will say, though, that the footage I saw of someone playing using a GTX 460 did look fine.

5. Hard Drive:

Is it still a worthwhile money saver to get a smaller HDD or is it basically a matter of biting the bullet and getting a 1tb drive these days?
I have been told that my best option is to go with a Western Digital Caviar Black.
I have also been told to avoid Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 at all costs as they had a large batch of faulty HDDs that break. True, false, opinions?
If I choose a motherboard that can take a 6.0gb/s hard drive do I want to take advantage of that?

6. Wireless Card / Router Space Extender:

I checked the router in my current PC and it is a D-LINK G router.
Do I want to get another G router or an N router that is backwards compatable? I am totally clueless about routers so I really have no idea about this part of things. 90% of my PC use is via the net so it is *important*.
I have also been told that if I can go wired instead of wireless that I will have a better gaming experience.
Unfortuntely our router is currently "full" (all four spaces are taken up).
I was told that there is something that I can get that will get us more spaces. True, false, too big a hassle to bother with?
I will likely still buy a wireless card regardless but if the solution for wired play is easy I want to hear about it.

7. DVD Burner / BluRay:

BluRay or DVD Burner?
I initially thought that getting a DVD burner for now and then getting a BluRay player later would be fine but my brother has informed me he would rather have to install a new CPU then have to install a BluRay "down the road".
How useful am I going to find it? (I do not currently own BluRay movies, but they are becoming more prominent.).
Are they really that difficult to install?
Also am I going to need a DVD Burner and a BluRay player or just one or the other?
One other thing I want to cover here is being able to use the DVD player / BluRay player to actually play BluRays / DVDs. Do I need an additional program for this to work?
When I reformatted my current PC I did not have that function and when I brought it home from your store I only got the ability to do this because a friend installed Nero for me.

8. SSD:

SSD: Yes, no, maybe, wait until your next PC?
I've seen a lot of debate via the net about these and have read a lot of debate over who should buy them and who should wait.
Not totally sure where I fit into the picture, although whether I go AMD or Intel will ultimately decide whether this is even an issue (Intel is just more expensive in general from what I see.)

9. Power Supply:

How strong a power supply do I want?
650w? 750w? 850w?
I realize that its more important what is going on with the rails, that I want something that is at least 80+ bronze certified and that even though I am not *doing* SLI / CrossfireX that having something that is SLI certified / Crossfire Ready certainly cannot hurt.
From what I gather Corsair, Antec and Cooler Master are good suggestions.

10: I still have not selected a case. I do have some criteria though:

Must have USB ports and mic / headphone ports at the front that work***
Must have a flat surface / surface that will be flat with a mousepad on the top since I sit my mouse there***
Must be at least a mid tower; a mini would be too small*
Must provide enough cooling for the type of graphics card, etc. I am putting in it.***
Must be able to fit large video cards since I could get a different one in the future**
Must have a power button that is easily found but not easy to accidentally push***
I would prefer a case with black interior*
I would like LEDs, I would like them more with an on / off function*
I would like a bottom mounted power supply to improve temperatures**
I would like fans to have dust filters *

* It would be nice
** Its fairly important
*** It is absolutely vital

A Few Random Things:

How often should someone update their keyboard / mouse?
Is the sound option on a motherboard going to be good enough?
If I keep my current logitech keyboard & mouse is there anything special I will need to get them to work?
Is there likely to be any real benefit between 720p and 1080p for me when I buy a new TV / Monitor?