Friday, March 26, 2010

OMG: iPad Looks Gorgeous!

Okay. I did just buy a 32gb iPod Touch, and WalMart did just screw me over -- I did not get the headphones with a mic built in. Bad WalMart! But anyway... Back on topic. The iPad... I am stunned... It is just mind bogglingly awesome! Its going to have a bigger screen. Its going to use all the goodies from the Apps store. It is going to actually have its own WRITING PROGRAM. (A very large squeak of joy there!) In short? Hopefully I will be toting one of these beauties -- along with my wonderful iPod touch, which is much better for just dropping in my bag with some music and my grocery / shopping list) -- to Florida next year.

Has anyone besides me been sleeping under a rock with regard to Apple's latest invention? If so, just watch this. But make sure you get a bib, or a bowl, or *something*... Because drool probability is high. The force is with this one. You get the idea.

So, what do you think of the iPad? Do you think you will want to get one? Do you think its price is fair? Are there things that Apple could have done better? Share your opinions here!

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