Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Brings Many Things!! :D

There is so much to be excited about this month. First off, the weather here seems like it is deciding to be totally gorgeous, which means it is totally safe to go outside and do some shopping. And as far as shopping goes? There is going to be some very cool things to buy.

First off, we have the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII. I have been a fan of Final Fantasy since childhood and I eagerly await each new game. Some (FFIV, FFVIII, FFX) are totally awesome. Others (FFIX, FFXII) don't quite hit the mark. But each game is unique and memorable, and I am sure that everyone has their own personal pecking order when it comes to favorites. (Notice that I did not list FFVII, anyone?) Where will FFXIII fall in the scheme of things? We'll all find out on March 9th. Meanwhile, here is a very cool trailer that I found on YouTube.

Next up on the list of awesome is Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I am very excited to try out a pokemon game. I played one for the gamecube and I tried one of the older GBA games and thought it was pretty neat. But this should be an even more interesting experience thanks to the new PokeWalker accessory that allows you to take any cute little pokemon of your choice with you on the go and progress your game by -- gasp! -- getting some exercise by taking a walk. So far it looks like I am getting the game and Jay and Shawn are considering it. Jay needs to get his WiFi sorted out and Shawn will likely break down since we are going to have another DS in the house thanks to my next awesome purchase plan for March. Meanwhile, here is a video for the english trailer for the game.

Lastly, and quite possibly getting purchased at the start of April, is the DSI XL. What is this? It is a DSi with 4.2 inch screens. Apparently that will make the screens 93% bigger then those on the DSI. Why am I so hyped for this? Because it should make turn based strategy and RPG titles much better while still remaining portable. I cannot wait to get one of these! Not to mention that the wine red colour (they also come in brown, which is nice) looks elogant and classy. And the new DS also comes with a pen styled stylus, which will be great for some games, too. (It also has a normal stylus.) Here is a cool video for it from

So, what are you looking forward to this month? Other things on the Must Buy list for me this year include a larger hard drive for my Xbox 360 and a PS3 -- which I will at *least* want before Final Fantasy XIV if that is not announced for the Xbox 360. Keep your eyes peeled! I should have video from my trip to Florida up soon. Bye!

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