Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 5 Tarot Decks

And here we are, the top 5 tarot decks that I might use with Tarot for Writers. Well, top *4*. Number 5 if the Fairy Ring Oracle, which I am seriously tempted to get because I love the art so much. Anyway, without further ado: The Gilded Tarot, $16 on Amazon The Fairy Tale Tarot, $21 on Amazon Legacy of the Divine tarot deck $20 on Amazon The Fey Tarot, $28 on Amazon The Fairy Ring Oracle, $25 on Amazon. (NOTE: This is not a tarot deck; it is an oracle set that I am totally obsessed with that also comes with what is supposidly an awesome book on fairy myths from England and Ireland)

Anyway, tell me your favorite! Which should I get? Thanks for looking! Also, feel free to view my post below for more info on taro, and the one below that for a video of The Fairy Ring Oracle's cards, which is stunning in my opinion.

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