Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Can't Decide!!! -_-

Want to see even more kitty cuteness? Then please visit:

So very very cute! Made by the same company and it would compliment my Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot perflectly. It, too, is available from the site I can get the BBC deck from, for approximately $20. Okay, I confess... I realize that spending $20 on a satin tarot bag is grounds for being sent to a nut house. But still... Its CUTE!!! O_o

They are so cute!! There are only two copies available from the website I have been watching. On the plus side? They are cute! Its only $26 to bring them here (including shipping)! They will be a huge collectors item! (The Bohemian Gothic Tarot by these artists goes for $900! -- although the more I research the more I think the cats are beating out the vampires, lol) I love the art style! On the minus side? Ordering from England will take forever! How much will I have to pay in duty? What if it gets lost in the mail?

I am so totally 100% confused. This is likely my own and only legitimate shot at owning this totally adorable tarot deck. But I already have The Fairy Tale Tarot and Legacy of the Divine Tarot in the mail. I am torn! I do not know what is better -- to spend some extra money or to possibly go without this deck? The money will be replaced at the end of the month. The deck is NOT being reprinted! Gah!


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