Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well Christmas has come and gone and in short time the New Year will begin. It looks quite promising as I noted in my posts last week. This year has been pretty solid for me and I am sure that the upcoming year will be just as equally filled with excitement and joy as well. I have something new, cool and unique to share with you all today. I got my video camera last week and thanks to this I was able to capture some very candid (and groggy) family footage of Christmas 2009 with the Colemans'. I hope that you enjoy these. Thanks for watching.

"Let the Fun Begin..." Part 1: As Christmas 2009 begins some of us are arriving and some are just trying to make it to the kitchen for our first cup of coffee. See our beautiful tree and the artistry of our wrapped gifts beneath it.

"Let the Fun Begin..." Part 2: More rugged footage as Christmas 2009 continues, recorded by Mikey and Merissa. Has footage of everybody, including Coco, D'Argo and Jasper. Very funny footage of Mom dancing, Shawn half asleep and Mikey telling what he got for Christmas before arriving at the house. BTW, Terrie does not like being on camera and I think I am a bit of a camera ham.

"The Presents Are Opened..." Part 1: My attempt to take footage of the presents being handed out did not go so well although I did get these three short clips. This one has grandpa Perry with a gift, mother with a gift and Mikey and Merissa with a Santa Hat on.

"The Presents Are Opened..." Part 2: Another gift opening clip. The lighting is not so great in this one but it does contain a couple worthwhile moments.

"The Presents Are Opened..." Part 3: Dad receives his five disc George Formby CD set. Would have been better had I not had a huge golden bag thrust at me near the end so I could have wrapped up the recording more smoothly, but such is the nature of home video. (As opposed to vBlogging itself, which is far less predictable I would imagine.)


At any rate, I hope that these snips and clips bring to life the warmth, laughter and joy that always surrounds the holiday seasons within my family's home. Feel free to leave comments or to respond with a video or link to footage or writing about your own holiday memories for 2009. Thank you for reading and watching. May the joy of the season carry through into the new year for you and yours. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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