Friday, May 1, 2009

Its A Good Day...

Every day has the potential to be a good day. Yet so often we allow the little details of life to stop us from embracing this cheery and optimistic outlook. A bill is due. A tellamarketer tries to badger us into doing a survey on the phone, the car keys go missing... Any number of things can turn the mood of our day sour without any prior warning. And heaven forbid those things begin to stack up. Then you're really in for it. There is something you can do to balance out those less then precious moments, though. You can develop an attitude of gratitude.

What is that and how does it work? Its simple. Instead of thinking about what is missing, you focus on what you have. Instead or worrying about what is wrong, you set your mind on what is right. One of my goals within my daily blogging efforts is going to be listing five things that I am grateful for each day, as suggested by Sarah Ban Breathnach (one of my favorite authors) in her book Simple Abundance. So, here we go... My First

Five Thankful Things...

  • My check arrived safely, which means that I did my accessment properly.

  • I found a gorgeous dress for when Jay visits me. Very excited about wearing that.

  • Jay and I completed the Noblegarden event today in World of Warcraft. Go us!

  • I had KFC for dinner. I'm the first to admit it: I am a fast food addict. Bad kitty!

  • I shared popcorn with Coco and D'Argo. I love my furbabies!

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