Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Few Cool WoW Images...

This first image is of Katallina and her pet pig, Mr. Wiggles. I got Mr. Wiggles for Katallina as a prize during Children's Week
on World of Warcraft when I completed the Human Orphan questline. I also did the Draenei Orphan quest line to get "Peanuts" an Elekk. He is cute too.

This achievement is for making bunniesin the event Nobles Garden in WoW. I had a little help from Jay on this one. ;)

This image shows Jay and I got for completing Children's Week.
We got our Matron (me) and Patron (him) achievements. There was some tough PVP involved but we did it. Go us!

Here is an image of Twylla and Manaki. These are our low level Horde characters that we play when we just want to goof
around and explore. Don't they look cute together? <3>

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