Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lal-Awful... !!!

For the last several months I have tortured Jay night and day telling him that I wanted to be a Lalafell in Final Fantasy XIV. Well, I just finished watching some (well done creation) videos and ... the Lalafell look LOL-Awful!!! They only have four hairstyles. The voices are obnoxious -- I almost had heart failure when voice #3 played for the Plainsfolk male sample. That was just creepy. And that hair with the buns and braids that I was so gaga over? From the back ... she looks like Mikey Mouse. No thanks.

Think I'm pulling your leg? Feel free to watch these but beware... The lalafell have a 50% chance of being cute and a 50% chance of being creepy. What do you think?

Male Plainsfolk -- beware very creepy voice #3!!

Mikey Mou-- I mean, a female Dunesfolk Lalafell

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