Saturday, July 17, 2010

FFXIV: Character Creation Videos!!

Hey guys! Today I am going to round up the coolest / cutest Final Fantasy XIV creation videos that I can find. This started by finding an Amazing Miqo'te video where the person using the character creator actually had the camera come around to show -- oh I cannot stop squeeing with joy! -- how their hair looks in the back, in full detail, for each style. Yay!

Here is a great Female Hyur Video, chosen for much the same reason: extreme attention to detail where hairstyles, colors, highlights and eyes are concerned. I love the ponytail that is encircled by braids, and noticed 'Yuna', 'Paine' and 'Lightning' were all present as hairstyles. :p

Well, Jay, there are some very sexy options for male Hyur... ;) I had a lot of fun watching this video. Oh, and it shows the great detail for customization that the last two did as well. Thought I might want to mention that. Enjoy... ^.^

And now a little something for Shawn. The Duskwight (Now called Shader) Elezen look awesome. I don't think they are for me (at least not the guys -- haven't checked the girls yet) but they certainly have a certain edge of cruelty and arrogance about them, the way all well designed drow do. I think you'll like this, buddy. ^.^

O....M....G!!!! I found Red Galka / Hellsguard / Lohenguard!!! Have a look at this, they look very cool. You're going to have either a very easy or very hard choice, Jay. These are like the complete antithesis of the midlander hyur. Enjoy! ^.^

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