Sunday, August 8, 2010

July's Financial Calendar. I did good. ^.^

Ever since I started working on saving up for my new PC I have been making my own handmade finance calendars. What I am finding is that if I write down what I buy I actually think about how much I am spending and am not tempted by dumb impulse stuff. In the last 5 weeks I have saved $650 and I currently have $1,355 in my purse 7 days into August!!! I am truly amazed. So I'm going to start sharing the calendars and talk about what I think of them after each month. Plus it will show me stuff I did that month to boot. :)

So, where could I have improved? Well...

-- I have not touched the new Puzzle Quest since I bought it. I should have tested the demo more thoroughly before paying $20

-- The $20 for beer was a family expense so I am not really counting it against myself.

-- I never did really read that EGM magazine that I bought.

-- Notice how much pizza I had at the start of the month? That was before I started the calendar. :O

I will say this, though. My goal for July was $600. I saved $650. Despite any 20/20 hindsight complaints, I still did AWESOME! :D

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